The Team at Henry Clarke is made up of three staff and a team of consultants based in the United States.


Steve Neace

Steve Neace is the Founder, Coder, and Project Manager for all projects we take on.  Steve speaks the language of the small business owner and is an (inactive) CPA.Connect on LinkedIn

Gwen Neace

Gwen Neace is the Lead Content Writer / Design Consultant on the team.  She brings Marketing and Real Business experience to the team, having worked in Leadership and Development roles for Macy’s Corporate.  Connect on LinkedIN

Josh Skeens

Josh Skeens is the Graphic / Web Designer on the team. Josh has a background in both Fine Art and Graphic Design, and handles most of the design, site maintenance, and other behind-the-scenes action. Connect on LinkedIn

Outside Consultants

We use outside consultants only when necessary, and only when they will bring true value to your project.

So what can Henry Clarke do for your online presence?

  • Improve it (so you can make money)
  • Speak in a language you can understand (or HTML if you prefer)
  • Work to give you a nice return on your investment (no matter how small)

Contact Us Online or at 937-361-4166 today for more information about how we can help you improve your online presence.