Email Marketing

Alongside all the social media options, still a significant driver of website traffic after all these years

As with websites and search engine optimization and social media email marketing is all about content.

Are you producing content and sharing things with your audience that provide your target client with value?  Does your audience want to read what you have to say?  Are you sending your customers special offers that entice them to use your service?  If you are not providing your reader with value, email marketing is a waste of your time.  If you can provide value (hint: we believe you can) email marketing is a no brainer.

What results are we going for with this email marketing campaign? What do we want the recipient of our email to do?

Open Rates | Click Rates | Conversion Rates:
What they are and what it’s all about:

Open Rates: You send an email to 10,000 people.  2,000 people open the email.  Your open rate is 2,000 / 10,000 or 20%.

Click Rates: There is a button in your email blast that says Buy Now.  When the reader clicks the Buy Now button that is, oddly enough, a click.  Of the 2,000 people that opened your email above, 1,000 people clicked the Buy Now button.  Your click rate is 1,000 / 2,000 or 50%.

Conversion Rates: The customer that clicked the Buy Now button in your campaign is directed to a landing page promoting your latest product on sale now for $1,000.  Of the 1,000 people who are directed to your page 250 people buy your product.  Your conversion rate is 250 / 1,000 or 25%.

So what should you expect from a well done email campaign?

According to studies by MailChimp and Search Engine Land here are the numbers…

  • Average Email Open Rate across industries: 21.8%
  • Average Email Click Rate across industries: 2.62%
  • Average Landing Page Conversion Rate across industries: 2.35%

So, in our example above of an email blast sent to 10,000 recipients if you go by the averages…

  • Open Rate: 21.8% = 2,180 opens
  • Click Rate 2.62% = 57 opens
  • Conversion Rate 2.35% = 1 conversion
  • Top 10% Landing Page Conversion Rate 11.45% = 7 conversions

Obviously, you want your landing page to be in the top 10%.  If people are directed to your site, you want the chances to be extremely high that your target customer will do business with you.  That means building a website on the other end of the email that converts your browsers in buyers.

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