What’s up with all the baseball and who in the world is Henry?

We love baseball.  We coach baseball.  We love the Cincinnati Reds.  We think baseball translates well to business and life.  Everything begins and ends at home.  And like the 1969 Miracle Mets, “You gotta believe!” People who love the game love the statistics of the game.  There’s a huge difference between a .300 hitter and a .250 hitter, while that only means 30 more hits over the course of a season, it’s the difference between being a virtual unknown big leaguer to being in the hall of fame.  There’s a phrase often used around little league baseball, “$400 bat, $10 swing.”  You can definitely pay 40 times your return for your marketing.


We like to see things the other way, a significant return for your marketing dollar.

Henry and Clarke

People often ask the question, I called and asked for Henry and got Steve, who’s Henry.  The inspiration for the company name, our first two children, Henry (Hank) and Clarke.  True, it’s easy to be inspired by your children, and it’s a consistent reminder of what is important to us, our family, our families.  A big part of why we like working with visionary family owned small business, they are a lot like us, they experience similar things: victory – challenges – defeats – transformations.


OK, while their hourly rate would be great, we’re not big fans of child labor.

Steve Neace

Steve Neace

Founder. Not an Employee of the Cincinnati Reds

Steve speaks the language of the small business owner and is an (inactive) CPA.

Josh Skeens

Josh Skeens

Lead Developer / Graphics

Josh has a background in both Fine Art and Graphic Design, and handles most of the design, site maintenance, and other behind-the-scenes action.



They all look like this

We use outside consultants only when necessary, and only when they will bring true value to your project.

We prefer words like profit, return on investment and sales.

If we ever use the word Funnel, it will be because we are adding oil to our car.  We may wear running shoes to meetings.  We care about what you do and what you think. 

So what can Henry Clarke do for your online presence?

  • Improve it (so you can make money)
  • Speak in a language you can understand (or HTML if you prefer)
  • Work to give you a nice return on your investment (no matter how small)


Contact Us Online or at 937.361.4166 today for more information about how we can help you improve your online presence.

"Steve is more than just a web developer.  For instance with OAGE or even my personal site, I think of Steve as part of my organization and business. He immediately become a team member. He is interested in understanding what I am trying to accomplish and works to either make it happen or help me make it happen. Steve doesn't passively help me in the areas, he actively works to drive my mission through his work."

Eric VanVlymen

Board Chair, OAGE and Striving and Thriving with Aging Parents